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Thank you for your interest in adopting a rescued dog! Our adoption process is set up with the goal of finding the perfect match possible for the adopted dog, the adoptive family, and any pets currently in the home.

We want to be sure that the match is a great fit for everyone involved. We feel that it is our responsibility to every being we rescue to give them our very best effort in finding them the home that is truly right for them.

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Adoption Process

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The first step towards adoption is filling out our adoption application below. Once the adoption application has been received and reviewed, we will reach out to you to answer any questions that we have as well as to potentially set up a meet-and-greet with the Viva! dog you have applied for. Since our goal is to find each dog their perfect match, there may be times that a meet-and-greet does not happen with the dog applied for. This usually happens because your home is not the right fit for the dog in question, but we are always willing to make suggestions on who might be a better fit.

We prefer to do meet-and-greets with you and your current dogs at a neutral location (e.g., a park) to see how everyone gets along. Doing this outside of your home limits any territorial issues and gives us a better idea of how your current pets will coexist with a new friend.


If the meet-and-greet goes well, the next step towards adoption is a home visit. This gives us the opportunity to look around and make sure that it is a safe environment for our dog. We will address any issues or concerns that we may have at this time.


If everyone agrees to pursue the adoption after a successful meet-and-greet, and home visit, we will do an adoption contract. At this time, we will collect the adoption fee and take a Happy Tail photo. Our adoption contract includes a mandatory 10-day trial period to ensure that everyone feels this is a perfect match. Sometimes, a dog needs a little more than 10 days to truly settle in. We consider this on a case by case basis, and may extend this trial period if needed.

Once the adoption is finalized, you're an official member of the Viva! family! We are just a phone call or email away to provide support, answer questions, or anything else you may need. We consider all of our adopted dogs and their families a part of ours, and we are here for you both throughout their lifetime. Our commitment to our dogs does not end at adoption.

Adopter Requirements

The dogs in our care deserve the very best, so we want to make extra sure that we are sending them to the absolute best homes possible. Here are our requirements for adopters:

  The person adopting dog must be 18 years of age or older.

  The person adopting dog may not have been convicted of any form of animal cruelty, domestic violence, or child abuse.

  The person adopting dog must remain in compliance with the number of allowed animals per your local animal welfare ordinance.

  The person adopting dog must remain in compliance with any breed restrictions, whether imposed by your local jurisdiction, rental agreement, home owner's association, or insurance policy.

  Viva! dogs must be inside dogs. They are expected to live as part of the family.

   Viva! NM Rural Animal Rescue does not tolerate the penning, chaining, tethering, or the usage of trolley systems for any of our dogs, no matter the reason or circumstance.

The Adoption Fee

Our standard adoption fee is $200. Included in this fee are:

Spay or neuter surgery (includes nail trim, dew claw, and umbilical hernia repair if necessary) — Value: $150-$350

Full vaccinations (including a complete series of parvo/distemper, as well as rabies vaccine) — Value: $30-$100 (depending on age)

Deworming (using Panacur broad spectrum dewormer) — Value: $10

Heartworm test (this includes testing for Lyme disease, erlichia, and anaplasmosis) — Value: $35

Microchip (with lifetime registration) — Value: $30

Please understand that the majority of dogs in our care came to us with no prior veterinary care. All known medical issues with be disclosed and resolved (if able) prior to adoption. Many of our dogs go through training locally while in foster care, which will be disclosed as well. These things are over and above the 'typical' costs listed above. The services above are the bare minimum provided to every dog that comes into our care.

Adoption Application

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Please fill out the form truthfully and to the best of your ability and understanding. Remember, this application is our first impression of a potential home so we want to know as much about you and your living situation and why you want to make one of these fabulous animals a family member.

Thank you for considering a Viva Rescue for your awesome rescue dog!

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